Remote House Check

Remote House Examination for Geopathic Stress, EMF and other Spiritual Energies
An on site visit (see complete house healing) is always the most precise method to analyse the various energies in a living space but there is also the alternative option of a remote house survey which will already give you a very accurate picture of the multifaceted energies in your house that can be of problem to your health and well-being.

I offer a very detailed remote house check for just €120.

It includes the following:

  • A bio-resonance test to evaluate your personal stress levels

此测试将通过测试你的系统显示您置身于20种不同形式的电磁和geopathic压力. 它会给你详细介绍,让你了解你的身体是多么的电磁/ geopathic压力实际上暴露. 去 这里 for more details.

I will also check for the following:

  • 人被杀害在家里或在这片土地上? (在这种情况下,充满活力的结构破坏的地方仍然世纪,直到有人过来和治疗)
  • 是这所房子或土地诅咒? (祸是预计的负面思想形式,会导致情绪不安和光感不适)
  • 在这所房子里有被困精神? (当一个人去世,非常重视somethg的/在地球上的人, 的一部分,他的灵体仍然存在,从周围的环境中提取能量 - 这可以体验作为源的情感动荡)
  • 这所房子由地脉的影响? (损坏的地脉导致严重应变居民的房子)
  • 这所房子受到电磁或geopathic压力的? (通常是)

After receiving the layout plans of your house and an area map, I will mark the location of leylines (if there are any) and larger geopathic stress zones (such as underground streams, underground faults and underground caves). This will be able to determine the most serious energetic problems in your house. On this basis we can determine a better sleeping position or discuss other possible remedies.