De-Stress your House

下面是测量一个清单,你可以在你的家实现,,en,用一个,,en,房屋,,en,保护你免受来自手机天线杆进入你的房子高频辐射的负面影响,,en,只要您有手机或无线网络接收你家是不是在没有保护从长远来看,一个安全的地方,,en,谨防美国市场上销售的假冒模型,,en,大E-烟雾服务器,,en,电脑防护EMF,,en,笔记本电脑,,en,您的所有电视和电脑显示器以及DVD录像机,,en,打印机,,en,卫星天线和无线电时钟,,en,小E-烟雾服务器,,en,小E-烟雾服务器,,en,外置硬盘,,en,MP3播放器和卫星接收机,,en,从你家扔掉的所有无线设备,,en,包括蓝牙,,en,他们真的是有害的,你不需要他们,,en, using common sense and the most efficient devices that I was able to find by doing dozens of bio-resonance tests:

– Use a 丰水动力盘 to protect you from the negative effects of high-frequency radiation that enters your house from mobile phone masts (wherever you have mobile phone or wireless internet reception in your house is not a safe place in the long run without protection). Beware of fake models sold on the American market.

– Use a large E-Smog Server for all your TV and computer monitors as well as for DVD recorders, 卤素灯变压器, printers & 复印机, satellite dishes and radio clocks.

– Use a small E-Smog Server 用于移动电话, external hard drives, mp3 players and satellite receiver.

– Throw out all wireless devices from your home (including bluetooth)! They really are harmful and you don’t need them. 与有线更换无线路由器,,en,您可以运行电线不同的房间,,en,与有线更换您的无线手机,,en,拔下夜间在你的卧室的所有设备,并使用一个电源开关过关,,en,确保你不睡接近有它的另一面:电设备的壁,,en,确保你没有3米保险丝板或米板的内睡觉,,en,检查保险丝板的位置,,en,也许用一个房子的计划,以评估距离,,en,确保有安装在或附近的房子没有智能电表,,en,个人服务器吊坠,,en,在城里四处漫游时电磁防护吊坠,,en,最后,这里是一个,,en,概述在不同的设备,,en,对于EMF保护装置,,en (you can run wires to different rooms). Replace your wireless phone with a wired one.

– Unplug all devices in your bedroom during the night and use a mains clearance switch. Be sure you don’t sleep close to a wall that has an electric device on the other side of it. Be sure you don’t sleep within 3 metres of the fuse-board or meter board (check the location of fuse board, perhaps use a house plan to evaluate distance). Make sure there is no smart meter installed in or near the house.

– Use a 个人服务器 electromagnetic protection pendant when roaming around in town

Finally here is an overview over the different devices 我在过去的10年测试,是非常有效,我将他们添加到我们的网上商店,,en,最好装置&methos为EMF和地应力减少,,en.