EMF & Geopathic压力

Useful resources to help you to be safe from electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress

Get an evaluation of your individual stress levels.
这项生物共振测试只需39欧元。- and can be done from a distance by using your hair sample. 此测试将通过测试你的系统显示您置身于20种不同形式的电磁和geopathic压力. 它会给你详细介绍,让你了解你的身体是多么的电磁/ geopathic压力实际上暴露. 去 这里 for more details.

This is definitely the best way to make 100% sure that your living space is save and healthy. 去 这里 for more details

Watch a short presentation about the most efficient EMF protection devices that I have found on the market.

Here is a checklist with measurements you can implement at your home, using common sense and the most efficient devices that I was able to find by doing dozens of bio-resonance tests:
I have spent the last 10 years researching natural solutions to counteract electromagnetic stress using a naturopathic approach, 用生物共振测量,以评估其在生活空间的生物状况. 有了这个生物共振设备我测试的数十个电磁场中和设备的援助. 去 这里 for more details or watch this 2 minute presentation.