Frank aims to help individuals to improve their health, slow down the ageing process or find possible causes for diseases and provide treatment alternatives. To achieve this he uses individual bio-resonance testing and his skills of dowsing and communicating with the spiritual realms. He also works with Feng Shui to harmonise the living space.

“I would like to mention Frank’s work since it has been helping me for some time now. With Frank’s highly accurate testing he has been able to tell me what was going on in my body, what I was being affected by in my environment and what I needed to be taking and doing to improve my health. His advice has always worked for me. I personally trust Frank and his advice because it has always cleansed and strengthened my body.

He works on many levels, looking into all factors that can be affecting one’s health and wellbeing. He is able to clear certain detrimental elements, advise on how to reduce or eliminate any negative earth based elements. He also sells products, all of which he selects based on their effectiveness and quality. He tests every product that he sells to ensure it works and gives optimal results.”
Jabeen; U.K.


health consultation work

In our health practice, my husband & I have spent many years working with clients on dietary & lifestyle changes. Frank has been one of our best teachers.. His dietary & lifestyle advice is excellent.

What he says works to improve health & wellbeing in body mind & spirit. Some of the tips he gave me have changed my life. He combines spiritual insight with an in-depth understanding of the body, nutrition & health. There are few around that share his wisdom & integrity.
Donal Crowley, Bsc Pharm, MPSI, CAc
Kathy Kennedy, BA, CAc, Lic. Ac. TCMCI

house examination work:

Frank’s work had palpable effects on our home. You could feel the difference after his house clearing work. The house felt clearer, cleaner and brighter. Since then many people who visit our place remark on the good feeling in the place. His work inspired us to declutter and get rid of old tat that we’d had around the place for years. All combined to bring more clarity, energy & freedom into our lives.

Frank did great clearing work on my mothers house & farm after her death. There too, there was a definite change in the place after his work. Also, after his work, many issues around the place got resolved easily.
Donal Crowley, Bsc Pharm, MPSI, CAc
Kathy Kennedy, BA, CAc, Lic. Ac. TCMCI

Well, Frank, I always describe you as an “All in One”, not alone can you detect the problem that is in the house, be it electro magnetic, geopathic stress, Feng Shui, Clutter needing to be cleared, Spirit Paths or negativity by unwelcome ghost presences, but you can correct all of them as well. I knew the house felt “not quite right” and after attending your 3 talks, I realised I had the right person to do the job.

Your visit to our home in West Cork made a big difference to the lives of all the occupants and your written report explained everything you had told us on the day of the examination. I purchased a Feng Shui computerised disk, an electro magnetic piece of equipment to put on the fuse box, moved a few beds or changed their direction completely. These were the big things, but then there were the more subtle instructions, which made a major immediate impact also, e.g. removing a mirror from over the sittingroom fireplace, which faced out the window and replacing it with a waterfall picture. This altered the energy of the room instantly, of course water controlls fire and I went from disliking that room to being completely comfortable in it. Also we got different colours for the various rooms in the house and the best direction for each family member to sleep in bed as well as the correct direction to face when working or relaxing. There are still a few outstanding items to be changed, but with the knowledge we received from Frank we have transformed our lives for the better and can continue to improve.

Since you were here Frank the house next door has been sold and the low dividing wall between the two houses has been replaced with a timber “hit and miss” rather tall fence, which has given great support to the northern side of the house which has had a good impact energetically.
Rita O’Brien, Acupuncturist


I had my flat examined by Frank last year and can honestly say he is expert in this field. Not only has he showed me places of “bad energies” but also gave me very good solutions. I think I sleep much better now and have much more energy than before.

He had also tested me with bioresonance device which showed how geopathic stress and mobile phone stress has impacted my health. I truly recommend his service !

Michal from Poland. 2012


Frank tested my house for geopathic and electromagnetic fields, he identified an underground stream that ran right across where I slept. By moving rooms and using a Power disc, my health has really improved. He has also helped with detoxing heavy metals from my system and identifying which foods suit me.

Mark Basquille – Mayo; Ireland


Spiritual Consultations:

Frank was recommended to me by a friend I trust. I went to him for ‘advice’ over a particular spiritual situation that I felt was slightly beyond my ‘earthly experience’ and sought guidance. He was extremely attentive and professional and uncovered the existence of elementals/entities that were having an impact on my life. Once these were removed (and after a short period of realignment where I felt quite discombobulated), I sensed a real shift and could no longer feel any outside force affecting me. The cynic in me has had a field day trying to tell me that it’s hookum but my inner being knows different. Frank is pretty awesome!!
L. Greenaway, London

Life Processes – Weekend Courses


Frank, you are an immensely knowledgeable guy! I thank you for sharing some of your knowledge with us this weekend & for welcoming us into your lovely home. I hope that one day I can too share my knowledge with others as well!
Thank you, Tracy.

Dear Frank, I have really enjoyed your knowledge sharing and feel I have only touched the surface. Would love to learn more and look forward to reading your website and the many books you recommended. Your eco house is fabulous and I felt very cosy and warm here. Thank you so much for your time.
Love, Marianne.

Thank you, Frank for a great workshop. Your commitment to developing good health is fabulous. I enjoyed the weekend and learned lots.
A follow-up whole food practical cooking session would be great, this would help in putting theory into practice.
Again thanks, Kathleen

Very enjoyable 2 days, lots of useful information. I liked the informal nature and discussion of topics. I would like more info / discussion on diet plans. Overall was great!

Frank, I really enjoyed the course, it is highly informative! I feel I am well equipped to change my lifestyle and to take on new principles for healthy eating, living and being. I highly recommend this course to anyone embarking on a journey of self discovery, self awareness or simply lifestyle choice.