EMF & Geopatisk stress

Useful resources to help you to be safe from electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress

Get an evaluation of your individual stress levels.
Denna bio-resonans test är endast € 39.- and can be done from a distance by using your hair sample. Detta test kommer att visa din exponering för 20 olika former av elektromagnetiska och geopatisk stressen genom att testa systemet. Det kommer att ge dig information för att få dig att förstå hur mycket elektromagnetiska / geopatisk stressen din kropp är faktiskt utsätts för. Go här for more details.

Få en detaljerad undersökning av ditt hus
This is definitely the best way to make 100% sure that your living space is save and healthy. Go här for more details

Watch a short presentation about the most efficient EMF protection devices that I have found on the market.

Here is a checklist with measurements you can implement at your home, using common sense and the most efficient devices that I was able to find by doing dozens of bio-resonance tests:
I have spent the last 10 years researching natural solutions to counteract electromagnetic stress using a naturopathic approach, with bio-resonance measurements to evaluate the biological situation in a living space. Med hjälp av denna bio-resonansutrustning Jag testade massor av EMF neutralisering enheter. Go här for more details or watch this 2 minute presentation.