De-Stress your House

Here is a checklist with measurements you can implement at your home, using common sense and the most efficient devices that I was able to find by doing dozens of bio-resonance tests:

– Use a Фенг схуи Снага диск to protect you from the negative effects of high-frequency radiation that enters your house from mobile phone masts (wherever you have mobile phone or wireless internet reception in your house is not a safe place in the long run without protection). Beware of fake models sold on the American market.

– Use a large E-Smog Server for all your TV and computer monitors as well as for DVD recorders, Халогене сијалице са трансформаторима, printers & фотокопирање, сателитске антене и радио часовници,,en,мали е-смог сервер,,en,Цомпацт Е-смог сервер,,en,екстерни хард дискови,,en,мп3 плаиери и сателитски пријемник,,en,Избацити све бежичних уређаја из свог дома,,en,укључујући bluetooth,,en,Стварно су штетни и да их не треба,,en,Замените бежични рутер са кабловском један,,en,можете покренути жице у различитим собама,,en,Замените бежичног телефона са кабловском један,,en,Искључите све уређаје у вашој спаваћој соби током ноћи и користите прекидач напајања чишћења,,en,Будите сигурни да не спавате близу зида који има електрични уређај на другој страни њега,,en,Будите сигурни да не спавате у року од 3 метра од осигурача-одбора или метар одбора,,en,проверите локацију осигурача одбора,,en,можда користе кућу план да се процени удаљеност,,en,Уверите се да не постоји паметан метара инсталиран у или у близини куће,,en.

– Use a small E-Smog Server за мобилне телефоне, external hard drives, mp3 players and satellite receiver.

– Throw out all wireless devices from your home (including bluetooth)! They really are harmful and you don’t need them. Replace your wireless router with a wired one (you can run wires to different rooms). Replace your wireless phone with a wired one.

– Unplug all devices in your bedroom during the night and use a mains clearance switch. Be sure you don’t sleep close to a wall that has an electric device on the other side of it. Be sure you don’t sleep within 3 metres of the fuse-board or meter board (check the location of fuse board, perhaps use a house plan to evaluate distance). Make sure there is no smart meter installed in or near the house.

– Use a Лични сервера electromagnetic protection pendant when roaming around in town

Finally here is an overview over the different devices that I tested during the past 10 years and that are so efficient that I added them to our online shop.