Remote House Check

Remote House Examination for Geopathic Stress, EMF and other Spiritual Energies
An on site visit (see complete house healing) is always the most precise method to analyse the various energies in a living space but there is also the alternative option of a remote house survey which will already give you a very accurate picture of the multifaceted energies in your house that can be of problem to your health and well-being.

I offer a very detailed remote house check for just €120.

It includes the following:

  • A bio-resonance test to evaluate your personal stress levels

This test will show your exposure to 20 different forms of electromagnetic and geopathic stress by testing your system. It will give you details to make you understand how much electromagnetic / geopathic stress your body is actually exposed to. Pojdi tukaj for more details.

I will also check for the following:

  • je bil kdo ubit v hiši ali na tem zemljišču? (V tem primeru energična struktura mestu ostaja uničena za več stoletij, dokler nekdo pride skupaj in ga zdravi)
  • ta hiša ali zemljišče preklet? (prekletstvo je predvidena negativna oblika misli in se bo odražalo v čustveni nemir in svetlo slabo počutje)
  • so tam ujeti duha v tej hiši? (ko oseba umre in se zelo navezani somethg. / nekdo na zemlji ravnini, del njegovega astralnega telesa ostane tam in umakne energijo iz okolice - to je mogoče doživeti kot vir čustvenega nemira)
  • ta hiša prizadela leyline? (Poškodovanega leyline povzroča resno obremenjuje prebivalce hiše)
  • ta hiša vpliva elektromagnetnega ali geopathic stresa? (Ponavadi ja)

After receiving the layout plans of your house and an area map, I will mark the location of leylines (if there are any) and larger geopathic stress zones (such as underground streams, underground faults and underground caves). This will be able to determine the most serious energetic problems in your house. On this basis we can determine a better sleeping position or discuss other possible remedies.