Am I suffering from geopathic stress and how exactly does it affect me

Am I suffering from geopathic stress and how exactly does it affect me

I have often heard this question and found there is some confusion about the correct answer to it. Also by looking at online forums as well as statements that are made by people who sell geopathic stress neutralisation devices (of whom I am one), there are not often sufficient answers. I felt I should really write a few lines to help understand this subject more in dept. We all are multi-dimensional beings but unfortunately oftentimes we are unaware of some of the dimensions that we exist in, due to our sole reliance on the perceptions of our 5 sense organs which are only able to perceive physical realities. We exist on a spiritual dimension as well as an energetic and physical dimension. These dimensions are constantly in interaction and influencing each other. And more importantly, we humans are not the only ones that live in those dimensions – this really applies for all life – for animals, plants, minerals and the whole planet earth, who is also a living being and has an energy & spiritual dimension.

On the earth energetic dimension there are various phenomena that have a huge impact on all life forms – one of these phenomena we classify as geopathic stres. There are many other phenomena which are subject to the study of geomancy. For an overview of all the phenomena that we can encounter in the energetic and spiritual realms of the earth cosmos, I highly recommend the book “Sacred Geography” by Marco Pogacnik.

Most of those who read this article are familiar with the standard description of geopathic stress as caused by energy lines of underground faults and subterranean water and others. Vendar, I’d like to give you an explanation that makes it easier for you to visualise what is actually happening. The earth is a huge resonance field, constantly emitting a wide frequency range of energy vibrations. Every living thing on planet earth is constantly embedded in a vibrational energy field. This energy field contains the information that living cells need to function and to thrive – without this vibrational support of mother earth no live would exist. Every cell “ingests” or receives this energy via its DNA spiral, which acts as an antenna for receiving life energy (see Nobel Prize winner Fritz Albert Popp’s research).

In response to this energetic field, the human body (and plant & animal bodies) also is embedded in its own energy field, which is called the “etheric body”. The etheric body receives the information of life from the sun and from the previously discussed etheric energy field of the earth. The chakras are the “interfaces” to interact energetically with those dimensions and transferring the information received to the cellular level of all our organs via the meridians. I hope this gave you a little insight into the energetic life processes of the human bodyif you are interested in this subject, please refer to my book “Life Processes” here.

But we are not finished, finally we come back discussing our question – am I suffering from geopathic stress. The etheric energy field of planet earth that we discussed varies in intensity (quantity of life energy) and frequency (quality of life energy). It varies in different landscapes, in different layers of rocks, in different magnetic occurrences, from human activities (if someone (human or animal) has been killed in a certain space, the energy of that area breaks down for centuries or even millennia, if nobody comes along to heal it – these problems are often encountered in cities that have been destroyed during periods of war), the distribution of plants and many other factors.

To get a better comprehension of geopathic stress it is vital to understand that the energy field of the earth is subject to a wide scale of variations. There are great differences between different landscapes and countries but also huge variations on a local scale (within the town or neighborhood) and even on the scale of the small space of a house. You can have one room in your house that is just great because it sits on an area of certain beneficial rock composition but just 2 meter beside it there may be a large energetic disturbance zone (geopathic stres). In fact there are disturbance zones in every single house on the planet, even in every room, since some of the energy lines that cause geo stress (called grid networks, like the Hartmann grid or the Curry grid network) are very high in density (they occur every 2 ½ meter and have various crossing points in every room).

One of the major characteristic of the earth’s energy field is its organisation in “lines”. These energy lines we refer to when we talk about geopathic stress. In German language they are also called “Reizstreifen” (which is literally “lines of stimulus”). In fact they are no lines but 3 dimensional cubes. What a dowser detects as a line on the ground is in fact the “foundation” of an energetic wall which is 3 dimensional – always in a 90 degree angle to the earth’s surface. For more information I can recommend the book “The complete Feng Shui Health Handbook” by Wilhelm Gerstung and Jens Mehlhase.

When you walk through your house you constantly enter into different “invisible energy walls” – these influence your auric field by “bathing” it in different vibrational frequencies and information. This is an absolute natural process; however unnatural is that additionally to these “earth born” energies you are also infused in the vibrational information field of artificial electromagnetic fields which is an additional burden to the body. Walking through these “walls” of positive and negative energy and information is no problem for the human system, but sleeping on a place with degenerative vibrational information is! It has to be avoided at all costs! All free roaming animals would never make this mistake since they have kept their natural abilities to feel these disharmonious energies. However we humans lost it, because we were at some stage of our lives put to sleep on a negative spot (as babies we usually cried for several weeks and over time our bodies alarm signals stopped working).

These energetic fields then cause chaos in your energy system and during the night when your body normally repairs all the cells and detoxes, this process or regeneration can not happen. You may not actually feel it but metabolic problems will build up in your body over time. This can lead to cancer or a wide variety of other health problems. To come to a conclusion there is geopathic stress literally in every room but the intensity is very variable. A good geopathic stress neutralisation device is therefore recommendable for everyone, simply because it improves the energy in the house and aids healing and regeneration. In our Spletna trgovina, we only offer devices that proved most efficient. Especially the Feng Shui moč Disc 99,,en,209,,en,Jentschura Alkalife,,en,105,,en,Hildegard orgon Akumulator,,en,1,,en,250,,en,249,,en has proven to be far superior to all other devices that I have tested so far. Vendar, it does not replace a detailed analysis of ones sleeping place because NO device neutralises 100% of geopathic stress.