The Personal Server – EMF Protection on the go


This small pendant has amazing capabilities. The Feng Shui Power Personal Server strengthens your Aura and shields you from the biological impact of EMF. The Personal Server is an indispensable companion if you are outside your house or apartment. A new technology makes this device much more efficient then other available devices on the market. With Bio-Resonance testing, we were able to measure a stress reduction of approx. 90%. An alteration of the technical electromagnetic field does not happen.


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Best Protection from Geopathic Stress and Electromagnetic Fields when outside the house:
The Personal Server (sterling silver 925)

Humans take in subtle energies through their “aura” or “personal energy field”. Either positive, life supporting energy (called Qi in Feng Shui) or negative, life decreasing energy. The positive energy that passes through the Aura is very important for our health and the preservation of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing.

Often nowadays we are lacking “Qi” or positive healing energy. The Personal Server brings you the necessary Qi for your health and wellbeing.

It is important to consider that the amount of high frequency electromagnetic radiation increased dramatically during the past 15 years. Not just in cities but even in remote places we are surrounded by a cocktail of negative electromagnetic frequencies. Our own energy field (aura) is overburdened by this constant influence and consequently our health might deteriorate.

The human aura works as subtle energy filters against negative energies (caused from EMF or other sources). The Feng Shui power personal server improves the filter effect of the human aura and thus protects you against these influences. No matter where you are, you feel surrounded by positive energy. With kinesiology a significant reduction of the biological effects of EMF to about 90% could be measured. The same applies for negative earth energies (geopathic stress).

An alteration of the technical electromagnetic field does not happen.

The Feng Shui power personal server reduces also unfavourable astrological influences according to Chinese astrology and the Feng Shui compass school. Positive influences become more strongly effective.

For protection against negative psychic energies we recommend our “Aura server” in combination with the personal server.

For protection against the negative biological effects of TVs, mobile phones, computers, laptops and other electrical devices, please look at our Power E-Smog Server (large & small).

For protecting your whole house from geopathic stress and e-smog, please check the Feng Shui Power Disc 99.

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