Evdan Regulator – EM Stress Neutralisation




This device offers another approach to protecting your house from electromagnetic stress.

The EVDAN Regulator has been designed to protect a house and all its inhabitants from the negative health effects of all different kinds of EMF Radiation. It has been tested by us with means of Bio – Resonance, kinesiology and dowsing. It is the second best device for EMF neutralisation that we have tested (the best one is also on the website).

The EVDAN Regulator is not only balancing the stresses from electric pollution (of the electric house installation) to a very high extent (50- 60%), it is also able to clear the stresses from the radiation of mobile phone and WLAN masts (which have a biological impact within 20 kilometers and are especially harmful to humans due to high frequency pulsation).

How does it work?

The technical principle the device is based on, is derived from quantum physics. The EMF Regulator is an active resonant circuit, which works without electricity. It is based on MASER technology (Modulated Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) containing a micro crystalline composition. Each crystal particle has the ability to store energy and to also discharge energy at specific frequencies.

In that way it generates a coherent wave of protective energy on the same frequency than the incoming electromagnetic waves. A process that is called “interference” (interference of two electromagnetic waves of the same wavelengths) is happening. As a result, the electromagnetic waves will not have further effects on the Bio-physical fields of the body.

What makes it so much more efficient than other devices, is that it can automatically adopt to frequency changes of pathogenic artificial radiation (which are constantly happening)

How can it be proved?

The functioning of the EMF Regulator can be proved with Bio- Resonance methods, Vega test, electro acupuncture, dowsing, kinesiology and live blood analysis.

Note that the effects of the EMF Regulator can not be measured with an electromagnetic meter, as this can only measure the technical components of the electrosmog. The EMF Regulator is changing the biological components of the electromagnetic field. The stress reduction is approximately more than 50 -60%. This can support the self healing powers of our human system.

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