Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s MegaHydrate Antioxidant


Dr. Patrick Flanagan’s over 30 years research on the scientific qualities of healing spa’s all around the globe led him to the development of this product. Mega H- has far more antioxidant potential then other products on the market because it is based on negatively charged hydrogen which is the smallest molecule in the universe. Truly a fountain of energy and youth

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MegaHydrate (previously Mega-H, Microhydrin or Active – H) 60 veg capsules / 600 mg (dosage 1-2 capsules/day)

The primordial antioxidant! As the original creators of Silica Hydride and Microcluster® technology, Phi Sciences sets the benchmark for quality and effectiveness in antioxdants. MegaHydrate consists of tiny molecular cages, five nanometers in diameter, made from a silica-mineral hydride complex with embedded H- ions. Once inside the body, it releases H- ions that are the most powerful known antioxidants; increases ATP production (energy); and reduces pain, swelling, and inflammation. As a dietary supplement, Mega H™ Silica Hydride provides powerful hydrogen ions (hydrides), that scavenges free radicals, including hydroxyl, peroxide, superoxide and singlet oxygen radical species. Additionally Mega Hydrate has demonstrated the ability to increase internal cellular energy (ATP and NADH) and metabolic activity.

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