De sănătate de consultare

O consultare de sănătate holistică oferă o abordare complet diferită decât o vizită la un medic.
În consultare va oferim cunostinte despre sanatate. Noi credem că este esențial să se știe totul despre starea de sănătate și factorii bio-fizice și bio-chimice, care sunt predominante într-o persoană, precum și a factorilor din mediul lor. Acest lucru poate ajuta ca persoană într-un proces de vindecare sau doar pentru a măsura bunăstarea și încetini viteza de imbatranire.
The condition of health is unfortunately very little or not touched at medical universities. The official medical approach is purely concentrated on symptom treatment of thirty thousand different conditions of disease. Acest lucru este util pentru situații de urgență, dar, din păcate, inutil ca formă de terapie. A real therapy – the greek word therapy means creating order or to make whole – involves the precise analysis of causative factors (nutritional, energetic and psychosomatic), the eradication of these and the necessary nutritional and lifestyle changes plus a natural treatment of choice. This is what I intend to help you with.

În forma de mai jos vă puteți rezerva o consultare cu mine.

Following Consultations are available:

1. Health Consultation with bio-resonance testing
consists of a (îndepărtat) Bio-Resonance Test and a 40 – 50 minute consultation on skype or on the phone.

1. The basic tests include 20 different forms of geopathic and electromagnetic stress, metale grele intoxicație, paraziți cele mai frecvente și o probă de bio energetic pentru diferite organe. With the help of those tests we will gain specific insights into the degenerative processes that are going on in your body long before the outbreak of the symptom of a disease. This knowledge enables you to incorporate the necessary changes needed to avoid future disease and to accelerate your well-being.

The fee is €120.- and also includes a consultation (on the phone, on skype or here in the centre) that points out best possibilities for a natural therapy or for optimal health improvement.
We also give advice on nutrition and how to slow down the aging process (what we call degenerative diseases is nothing else then the by – product of accelerated aging caused by wrong nutrition and lifestyle). For booking a consultation please see below.

2. Health Consultation with detailed parasite testing

The detailed test includes all the above mentioned test but additionally two hundred parasites and bacteria are tested for. Acest lucru vă oferă o analiză mai exactă a ceea ce se întâmplă în corpul tău și ne ajută să fim mai precis în consultare și abordarea de terapie. The fee is € 170.-. If you had the basic test (above) before, it is an additional €60.-.

3. Wellness Coaching per E-mail or phone

If you feel that you just have some questions, want to talk to an expert or want to improve your health in general, or if you have been doing a health test previously but want more information, this option might be suitable for you. It includes 5 Email conversations or alternatively two ½ hour phone / skype conversations. The fee is €100. You can book via email or through the form below.

4. Spiritual Consultation

If you need spiritual guidance in important life questions, please email me or book through the form below. It includes 5 Email conversations or alternatively two ½ hour phone / skype conversations. The fee is €100.

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