Cancer explained! Causes, Prevention and Natural Therapies for Cancer

Cancer explained! Causes, Prevention and Natural Therapies for Cancer

One day course on sunday the 2nd of February 2014 at THELIFE Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim


In this one day course we focus on understanding the pure principle and cause of cancer. At medical universities there is a focus on symptom treatment only and no effort is been made to comprehend or target the causes of disease. This is very obvious in the treatment of cancer. Understanding the pure principle of how your body works is an indispensable advantage if you ever have to deal with a member of the medical industryit puts you in a position of knowledge, which can be incredibly helpful for your own life but also very valuable to be able to give good advice to your loved ones.


There are a number of factors that are involved in every cancerthey are pretty much known and they can be addressed in order to prevent the upcoming of a serious disease.
Those factors also need to be known for anyone undergoing a cancer therapy, since a therapy always needs to address the causes of a health problem rather then the symptoms (this does of course put a large question mark on chemo therapy).
Here are some of the points that are discussed in the course:
• Why cancer can rarely be cured with conventional medical approaches
• Why really powerful natural cures for cancer are not made public
• The acid alkaline balance
• The wrong paradigm in our medical system
• Cancer, life energy and the Quantum theory
• The importance of parasite detection and removal
• The importance to clear electromagnetic and geopathic stress
• Why some therapies are successful and others not and how this can be improved
• How Candida is linked to cancer and how we can remove it
• Food and the best supplements against Cancer
• Spiritual and mental improvements that help healing
• Powerful but unknown natural Cancer therapies

The course material consists of actual research and ancient wisdom. It includes knowledge from ayur-veda, chinese medicine, Feng Shui, geomancy, yoga, biogeofizic, macrobiotic, herbalism, naturopathy and spiritual & scientific studies.

for more information please refer to my book “Procese de viață” ( or visit my website


Information about the Course instructor
A native of Germany, I have lived in Ireland since 2000 where I work as Holistic Health Researcher, Feng-Shui and Nutritional Consultant, Bio-rezonanță Terapeut, Dowser, Workshop Leader and Holistic Educator.
I started my research (which also was an inner journey) end of the nineties during a time I worked for the German Television (the Bavarian section – “BR”). During that period I had my first deep insights into the nature of life and the causes for health and diseases. These insights were fundamentally different to conventional ideas about life and health.

After my move to Ireland in 2000 I continued my own research more seriously, investigating Ayurvedic, traditional Chinese and macrobiotic literature as well as traditional German naturopathic literature. The practical part of my research included dowsing, bio-resonance devices and kinesiology. With these tools I was able to take health research to a dept that is impossible to avail for conventional scientists who do not make use of the dimensions of energy & spirit.

I began to comprehend the importance of the “good space” and its effect on the healing and wellbeing in general and its importance for serious diseases. During the past 12 years I examined the biosphere (the biological energy that is prevalent in a space) of hundreds of houses and came to very distinct conclusions about the strong connection from the “energy” of a sleeping place to the state of health of the inhabitants of a house.

My spiritual path (consisting of Yoga, Meditation, vedic fire ceremonies and reading of selected spiritual literature) slowly lifted the veil between the physical and the spiritual worlds. This important event enabled me to include the invisible, spiritual dimensions into my research work. It helps me to base my work predominantly on personal experience instead of pure theory. Personal experience, in my opinion, is the only source of true knowledge and the best verification about any theoretical teachings.
În mod contrar medicina conventionala, my focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. I came to the insight that incurable diseases do not exist. Acesta este neînțelegere nostru despre biochimice, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human being that prevent the cure of serious illnesses.

One main focus of my work is to unite science and spirituality. I believe there is no real science without the underlying understanding of the spiritual realms.
For questions or personal consultation I can be contacted on [email protected].

The course starts on Sunday the 2nd of February at 10 am and finishes at approx. 5.00pm.

The course fee is € 65 for the day. By booking early, until Wednesday the 29th, receive €15 discount.

To book the course, please send € 15 non-refundable deposit per paypal to[email protected]or per bank transfer to my account (please email me to request account details). You can also send a cheque alternatively to Frank Albrecht, Barr road, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. Deposit will be of course refunded if the course has to be cancelled.

Spaces are limited on this course.

Please bring vegetarian, organic, sugar-free lunch to share.