Life Processes Book


 Life Processes – The Science of Health and Longevity (A natural healing book)


A Course in Ageless Living

Life Processes unveil a whole new dimension of health which lies far beyond our conventional perception and is virtually unknown by the public. Entering it nourishes our life on all levels and gives us the possibility to live a life of an ageless sage, no matter how impossible it may seem.

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The Discovery

Conducting and living my own research into the subject, I discovered  that there is a whole other dimension of health – a dimension that is not talked about in society and is virtually unknown by the public. This new definition (or dimension) of health is profound. Because it implies that a person can live in a way that allows them reach a point where their body virtually stops decaying.

 Decay of the body (commonly called old age) is actually a disease. The body starts to disintegrate – almost composting itself. Through my insights and their application I was brought to a point where I personally experienced this new dimension of Health in my own life.

 Living beyond the “unhealthy” temptations of our civilization, and using my heightened awareness and body perception as an instrument of my research, I gained very deep insights into not only ageing but also the very causes of degenerative diseases themselves.


 The Book

This book unveils an unknown simplicity of life and health, helping the reader uncover and transform their own inner relationship to the spiritual origins of Life. It covers the physical, energetic and spiritual factors involved in forming – and living – a new science of health. A science which can successfully explain and resolve the causes of disease and the very aging process itself.

 Readers who study this book will learn to see their own health (or diseases) in a totally new way – and with this new perspective and understanding can gain absolute independence from any health system.

 The “science of life processes” sheds new light on Life itself – clarifying the simple natural laws of health and regeneration that became lost in our materialistic society and that can guide us to regenerate and maintain vibrant health to a much extended age. It combines insights, perspectives and understandings from ancient German wellness traditions (heretofore not readily available to English speakers) and others, concluding that all degenerative diseases and accelerated aging have 3 different categories of causes:


  • the biological terrain
  • the energetic environment
  • and the soul level.


Unlike many other wellness publications, this book contends that the key to health and longevity, lies beyond the cell in the field of subtle energy field that governs cellular structure.

 Alongside these new theoretical insights, it is full of practical advice for those who wish to develop the lifestyle of an ageless sage – empowering the reader to transform their health and lifestyle to live beyond the fear of cancer and other diseases.

 So this is not just another anti-aging, self-care wellness book. Not only does it give a complete understanding of life processes in the human body – as well as the practical knowledge to maximise the life-supporting nature of those processes – but it offers itself as a new foundation stone on which a new science and approach to medicine and wellness may be built.

will be published soon