Gigahertz Solutions Low Frequency Analyser ME3030B


This is the device for technical amateursespecially easy to operate. It allows a straight forward assessment of the exposure, a determination of suitable remedial actions, as well as a control of their effectiveness.

Frequency range: 16 Hz2 KHz (compensated, better than -2 dB)


製品情報 “Low Frequency Analyser ME3030B
Even this starter device already comprises all common advantagesthe only one of ist kind in this price category.
  • The reading shows the total pollution without any calculation required.
  • The measured values are reliably displayed directly in the entity corresponding to the building biology standard values, namely:
  • The electric field strength from 1 to 1999 V/m (against ground potential)
  • The magnetic flux density from 1 to 1999 nT.
  • An acoustic signal proportional to the field strength withGeiger-counter-effecthelps identifying regions with increased exposure.

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