The Science of Healing! How to Treat and Prevent all Degenerative Diseases

The Science of Healing
How to Treat and Prevent all Degenerative Diseases

One day course 上の Sunday the 27th of April
at THELIFE Centre, Barr road, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim

The media tells us that there are serious diseases such as Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s or advanced cancers that cannot be cured. Our current medical system is helpless regarding the therapy of any degenerative disease for the simple reason that they do not address the causes of disease. Causes of degenerative disease are not in the curriculum of medical universities because money can only be made with selling symptom focused drugs.

It does not have to be this way. In advanced naturopathic science causes of degenerative diseases are known and successful treatment of all degenerative disease is possible once the cause is addressed. The cause of disease is always as individual as people are, this has to be taken into account. However there are 3 categories of causes that have to be addressed for the successful treatment of any degenerative disease.

In this one day course you will learn:

– the 3 different categories of causes for all degenerative disease.

– Learn to understand how that applies to your own health situation.

– Why a degenerative disease already starts decades before a symptom appears and how you can find out about it and prevent or heal it

– Get awareness of all the environmental factors that contribute
to illness and how to counteract them.

– The differences of allopathic and natural medicine.

– What do heart diseases, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, allergies have in common and how these serious disease can come to a healing process.

– Causes and natural therapy suggestions for Alzheimer and Parkinson’s

– Learn about different healing methods and how they work.

– Why do people in some areas of the world live over hundred years and don’t know cancer and heart disease (its NOT genetic)

– Why are some breakthroughs in health research kept secret
The role of heavy metals, parasites and electromagnetic Stress…..and much more.

Completing this course will enable you to completely understand why people develop degenerative disease and why genetic disposition actually plays are very minor role. もちろんの情報は、あなた自身の手にあなたの健康を取るために、あなたに力を与え、深刻な病気をいつでも癒すか、防ぐことができます,,en,コースは試みしようとする「現代」薬のような症状指向治療と変性疾患を治すためにしようとすると、動作しないことをあなたにそれが明らかになります,,en,治癒過程にのみ発生する可能性があります,,en,患者は、彼らのシステムが実際に生物化学的に必要なものを把握したら、,,en,エネルギッシュで精神的なレベル,,en,健康と栄養のインdebth理解は、このプロセスを開始するために必要です,,en,これは悲しいことに私たちの社会ではめったに提供されています,,en,このコースでは、ギャップを埋めるためにしようと病気を予防し、治療を助けることができる栄養とライフスタイルの実践を発揮することを目指して,,en,コースの講師に関する情報,,en,ドイツのネイティブ,,en.

The course will make it obvious to you that trying to heal degenerative disease with symptom oriented treatment like “modern” medicine tries to attempt cannot work. The healing process can only occur, once a patient comprehends what their system really needs on a bio-chemical (nutritional), energetic and spiritual level. An in-debth understanding of health and nutrition is required to initiate this process, which sadly is rarely available in our society. This course tries to fill the gap and aims to demonstrate nutritional and life-style practices that may prevent disease and aid in therapy.


Information about the Course instructor

A native of Germany, I have lived in Ireland since 2000 where I work as Holistic Health Researcher, Feng-Shui and Nutritional Consultant, バイオレゾナンス·セラピスト, Dowser, Workshop Leader and Holistic Educator.

During the past 15 years I conducted independent research in natural health. 従来の薬に反しで, my focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. I came to the insight that incurable diseases do not exist. それは生化学についての我々の誤解です, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human being that prevent the cure of serious illnesses. One main focus of my work is to unite science and spirituality. I believe there is no real science without the underlying understanding of the spiritual realms. For more info please go to

Booking: The course runs on Sunday the 27th of April from 10.00 am to 5pm.

The course fee is € 55 for the day. Early bookings (by wednesday 23rd ) receive €10 discount. To book the course, please send €15 non-refundable deposit per paypal to “[email protected]” or per cheque to Frank Albrecht, Barr road, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim.

PLease bring vegetarian wholefood lunch to share

For questions or personal consultations I can be contacted on 071-9854186 or [email protected]