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LIFE PROCESSES – The Yoga of Health and Longevity
A Weekend Course in Ageless Living

In Life Processes, Health Researcher and Spiritual Teacher Frank Albrecht offers a completely new perspective on health which extends far beyond our conventional perception and opens the possibility of ageless living.

Unlike many other wellness workshops, Life Processes goes beyond perfect nutrition. It helps people comprehend the impact of the subtle energies of their living environment and the inner state of their soul. As an art of living, this aspect of Yoga (in its sense of a union with the divine) rejoices with the wisdom of the ancient people who had mastered the aspects of Health and Longevity, reaching life-spans of over 140 years.

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One day course: Health, economic and spiritual factors of living vegetarian and a half day of vegetarian cooking and eating

Causes, Prevention and Natural Therapy for Cancer

In this one day course we go through some German naturopathic research which is mostly unpublished in other countries. It enables us to comprehend the causes of cancer in great detail. The nature of cancer is much easier understood as an energetic phenomenon then a physical disorder.

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