Complete House Healing

Space Clearing and House Examination for Electromagnetic Fields, Geopathic Stress and other Spiritual Energies

The house you live in can truly be your oasis of healing and well being but most often it is a contributor to serious health problems. Since our bodies are open systems and not, as wrongly postulated by outdated medical science, closed systems, all the different energies and vibrations in your living space have a direct impact on our cellular and emotional well being. In fact, during the course of years of exposure, they can be main causal factors of many serious diseases such as cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. To give you an idea whether you could be affected by geopathic stress in your home and how this affects you, please read this article

During the past 13 years I have developed and optimized techniques of dowsing, kinesiology and bio-resonance that I am using to survey the multitude of different biological energies that appear in a house: from terrestrial and electromagnetic sources as well as building materials and spiritual occurences. I do not just dowse the different energy lines and locate them for you precisely on a map, I will also measure the strength of the negative biological energy that those lines emanate with bio-resonance equipment – in this way I am able to determine whether a suppression device or any other form of “house healing” is working or not.

Every practitioner uses different tools and methods; therefore it is a good idea to get familiar with the different approaches to make sure you hire the right person.


The detailed procedure of a House Examinations that I am offering:

  1. I do a bio-resonance test with one inhabitant of the house. The test determines to what degree the metabolism of that person is affected by the different energies. To find out details about this bio-resonance test, go here.
  2. After an initial tour of the house, I will start my work usually in the main bedroom. To determine all the details that need to be addressed in order to create a healing space, I connect with the memory of a space to obtain the following information:
    •  has anyone been killed in the house or on this land? (in that case the energetic structure of the place remains destroyed for centuries until someone comes along and heals it)
    • is this house or land cursed? (a curse is a projected negative thought form and will result in emotional unrest and a light feeling of being unwell)
    • are there trapped spirits in this house? (when a person dies and is very attached to somethg./someone on the earth plane, a part of his astral body remains there and withdraws energy from the surrounding environment – this can be experienced as a source of emotional unrest)
    • is this house affected by a leyline? (a damaged leyline causes a serious strain on the inhabitants of the house)
    • is this house affected by electromagnetic or geopathic stress? (usually yes)
  3. After this initial gathering of information, I immediately heal those things that can be healed instantly: I help trapped spirits to go into the light, I remove spells from the house or land. If someone has been killed on the land, I address and heal this occurrence with a ceremony.
  4. I start dowsing the different energy lines in the bedroom. Normally a dowser would check your bedroom only for underground water, underground faults, curry and Hartmann grid networks. I always include the Benker grid network, underground caves, left- and right circling energy fields in my examination, since those can be as harmful.
  5. I make a map of all the different lines in the used bedrooms and I determine the perfect place for positioning the bed (I do also use communication with the nature spirit level to confirm the best sleeping place).
  6. I survey the whole house for hotspots of electromagnetic energy. I check the positions of fuse boards and meter box and use a device to determine the strengths of electromagnetic fields from the wiring, especially in the areas of the beds.
  7. I use my bioresonance device to determine the strength of the biological impact of those electromagnetic fields (the measurements of the technical EMFs does not say anything about the actual biological impact, therefore precise measurements of the biological vibrations are needed to first evaluate the risk and secondly evaluate the benefits of suppression devices or any other harmonising methods.

My work on site usually takes 2 1/2 -31/2 hours. At the end of the survey I discuss the problems and suggest appropriate solutions.

The basic fee for an appartment is €220 (up to 70 sq.meter) and an average sized house (up to 140 sq. meter) is €250.-. For larger houses there is an additional charge of €30 per additional bedroom. Additionally there is a charge for travelling expenses: 30 cent per kilometer. For destinations that are very far we may have to ad costs for flights or overnight stay.

I offer house examinations for you anywhere in Europe.

For bookings or questions please contact me here or write to [email protected]