During the past 10 years I did thousands of hours of independent health research. Since I am not on the paycheck of a multinational company I had to finance this work all by myself. The research lead to breakthroughs in the comprehension of the causes for degenerative diseases and is published in parts in my e-book “Life Processes – the Science of Health and Longevity”.

To be able to continue with my research work I appreciate donations. Any donation you like to spare is very welcome!

My research work in the past included the detection and removal of parasites and other pathogenic organisms in foods (this yet unknown factor is a major contributor to most degenerative diseases today). It included bio-energetic research about how to improve the living space and clear it from the effects of electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress. During the years I tested more then 30 different devices about their efficiency to improve the biological atmosphere is a living space. The best products are listed in my online shop. I spend many hours researching the best possible devices to neutralize the dangers of mobile phones, wifi and computers. For the consumer it is impossible to tell the efficiency of those devices since they all claim to be 100% efficient and there is no way telling what you actually get for your money.

I also did a lot of research on nutrition and different methods of parasite removal. Most of this research is also published in my e-book “Life Processes – the Science of Health and Longevity”.