Hilfe für Depression

Hilfe und Heilungsmöglichkeiten für Depression
Die Wissenschaft der “Lebensprozesse” zeigt das jede Erkrankung die Konsequenz eines Ungleichgewichtes auf der physischen, energetischen und spirituellen Ebene in unserem Leben ist. Um eine Krankheit zu heilen müssen wir die Ursachen auf allen 3 Ebenen finden und diese wieder ins Gleichgewicht bringen (heilen) sie.
Depression hat ihre Ursachen hauptsächlich auf der spirituell / seelischen Ebene einer Person, deswegen muss der Patient vorwiegend auch auf dieser Ebene behandelt werden um eine komplette Heilung zu erreichen. Leider existiert in unserer Gesellschaft nur sehr wenig Verständnis darüber und daher ist nicht viel Hilfe zu bekommen.

3 Schritte um Depression zu heilen:

Der erste Schritt: spirituelle Anhaftungen/Besetzungen finden
Bei jeder Person die unter einer Depression litt, habe ich immer auch Anhaftungen auf der astralen Ebene feststellen können (entities, souls from the afterlife realms) and ether elementals (negative projections from other persons that negatively influence our chakras and subtle bodies). What most of us forget is that we are always living in 3 worlds – the realm of the dead, the physical world and the angelic realms. There is always interaction between these realms but we are unaware of this most of the time. Without removing the attachments it is very hard for a person to heal themselves of depression, because their emotions are influenced by those entities.

In a remote session I remove the entities & ether elementals from the patient and bring them to the light (I work with Archangel Michael, who facilitates this). Please contact me here and request a check and removal of entities, ether elementals and other spiritual attachments. Please don’t forget to ad a photo, your name and address. Within a couple of days I will report what I found. I will then give you a time in the evening to sit quietly, while the removal of entities takes place. If you do not feel a difference in your life, you owe me nothing. If you feel that this work helped you, I would kindly ask for €50 donation.

The second step: Counselling – Discussing lifestyle, behavioural and emotional patterns
The healing is not yet achieved with the removal of entities. However this first step should not be missed as it will help the person feeling more emotional free, so he has the energy to make necessary changes in his life. These changes are the second step.
In a 45 min minutes consultation (conversation on the landline phone or skype), I give advice which lifestyle changes, behaviours, spiritual practices and literature will help the person to overcome depression and its spiritual causes long-term. The idea is to help the person connect with his inner light (with his inner divinity or higher self). Once a person is connected with his inner light, it will not be possible for any entity to attach to him anymore, consequently depression cannot occur anymore. The most important third point will also be discussed – the daily listening to a specifically selected spiritual music. Die Gebühr für die 45-minütige Beratungssitzung beträgt 60 €.
Eine Beratungssitzung bei mir buchen, please contact me.

The second step: Bringing the person “to the light”
Apart from the regular spiritual literature, das tägliche Hören die wichtigste spirituelle Musik ist speziell ausgewählt “spiritual therapy”. This is so important as it links the individual to higher realms and helps him to stay connected with his own inner light. It lifts up his vibration. Note that only specifically selected music can work for this, as it must embody a direct connection to those higher, divine realms. Die Links zu dieser Musik werden während der Beratungssitzung gegeben. Wenn Sie keine Beratungssitzung wünschen, aber Informationen über die Musik haben möchten, send €6 administration fee with paypal to [email protected] I will then send the information where the music can be obtained (allow a couple of days) per email.

Further assistance
If the depression is serious and long-term a person might need further assistance. In cases where spirit-paths are entering the bedroom of a patient or spirits are present in the house of a patient, the initial removal of entities might not give sufficient success. The spirit path has to be blocked and the spirit removed from the house. I offer this service hier.

Further it might be helpful for the person to initially get checked for ether-elementals and entities on a regular basis. If another person from the family, Arbeitsplatz oder Nachbarschaft projizieren oft negative Gedanken und Gefühle gegenüber dem Patienten mit Depressionen, ether elementals will occur very frequently and should be removed until the person has established his healing process to a sufficient degree. I offer a monthly check and removal of ether elementals (every second day). This service is €60 monthly (or €100 if required on a daily basis).