Scientific Explanation on the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

The Nature of Geopathic Stress & Electromagnetic Fields –
One Major Cause for Degenerative Diseases

When we think about science, we usually think of the so called “contemporary science” that is taught in our universities. If we consider science as the study and knowledge of the natural world, “contemporary science” seems to be totally insufficient. The foundation of contemporary science is based on a purely materialistic view of life – a model of reality that has been disproven in 1905 with Einstein’s theory of relativity and the description of electromagnetic waves. Furthermore, Max Planck’s quantum theory should have brought an understanding about the true nature of our physical reality – but this has been ignored by all other scientific branches including medical science.

Men, results of contemporary science are getting “brainwashed” into people’s minds by schools, universities and by the media. As a result the majority of people are totally helpless once they face a reality beyond the physical realm. Consequently, a non-physical phenomenon like the biological impact of geopathic stress and electromagnetic fields on humans is barely understood by the majority of people.

We should remember that the material world is only an end product of an energetic and spiritual process. Studying just the physical world and ignoring the non-physical realms (energy and spirit) is similar to study only the end result of a process and ignoring the causes – you will never come to true knowledge with this approach.

With “Alternative and Holistic Sciences” the energetic and spiritual realms are always included in the study – this is a much more useful approach to comprehend the nature of reality.

It is strange that most people seem to be afraid to accept a reality that goes beyond what they can see or touch. It frightens them to accept that invisible energies can have an effect on them. This seems too hard to grasp, consequently people avoid thinking of it. Nevertheless it is a fact that our reality is going far beyond physical forms that are organised in atomic structures. The quantum theory recognises the quantum as the smallest part of all existing matter and energy. A quantum is 10 million times smaller than the smallest atom. On this smallest level of existence, energy and matter are exchangeable. In fact matter is a form of energy, because the quantum itself can only be explained as an energy wave.

Although this knowledge now is almost 100 years old, many people have not realized what it means:
There is no matter as such!

Anything we see, touch or smell does not exist in the way we think it would. Anything we see, touch or smell is energy. Every tree, every stone, every piece of metal or plastic is just energy in a low vibrating form. Another fact derived from Quantum physics is that everything radiates. Every material, every shape has a different frequency of vibration and radiates differently. This has an effect on us!! We are in connection and interaction with everything that surrounds us – anytime. We are “tuning” in the energy of our environment and absorbing it with our body. This is the major misunderstanding that has led our medical science into a dead end – they still postulate that the human system is a closed system. Even so the understanding of Quantum physics shows clearly that all objects are in resonance with each other, medical science still blindly postulates that a substance can only have an effect on the human system if it is chemically bound to it.

What a gift would it be, if Science would be based on a true understanding of life!! For your understanding of how Electromagnetic and Geopathic Stress can affect your system it is important to note that the human body is an open system and that it is beyond doubt proven that subtle energy vibrations have a direct impact on human health.

Quantums do not necessarily organize themselves in material (atomic) structures. Quantums can form energy waves that are more subtle and not measurable with technical instruments. Biological systems are much finer tuned than technical instruments; therefore these energies can be detected by experienced dowsers.The “energy waves” that are constantly emitted by our planet earth can be harmonious and beneficial or disturbing and pathogenic. We are constantly in connection and interaction with this energy from the earth. We are “tuning” into the energy and absorbing it with our body, totally unconsciously. If our house has been build on a spot that emits disharmonious energy, our own energy will decrease and we may get sick over a length of time. This is called “geopatisk stress" (GS). This energy is constantly absorbed by the body of the people living in the house. Every cell in the body is vibrating with the disharmonious vibrations that are constantly present. Very often people do not notice this, because the body will always try to generate a subjective well-being. But after a while initiate symptoms such as sleeplessness, nervousness, low immune system, allergies or rashes may appear. Depending on how intense the negative energy is, more serious health problems like heart problems or cancer may appear after years.

The effects of electromagnetic radiation (from household wiring or external sources like mobile phone or WIFI masts) are very similar to geopathic stress. The EM radiation affects every cell in the body and causes cells to die faster. This causes disharmony and metabolic disturbances in the body. It is important to acknowledge that every degenerative disease starts with metabolic disturbances. These disturbances can be caused by poor nutrition but also by electromagnetic fields and geopathic stress.

The only person who can aid in finding out what is going on in a house is an expert who has learned to detect GS and EMF. Geopathic zones are caused by different occurrences like underground faults, mineral deposits, caves or magnetic grid networks. All of these different energy lines have to be taken into account to be able to detect and clear the problem. Furthermore technical equipment to detect electromagnetic pollution should be applied.

An extremely helpful tool to determine the quality and quantity of the negative radiation is a Bio-Resonance device. With such a device it is possible to precisely determine the stress factors present in the inhabitants of the house and at the same time it can be used to evaluate the functioning of a suppression device. In most cases, it is possible to counteract EMF and GS with devices that work as “active resonant circuits”. These vibrational medicine devices have the ability to tune into the negative frequency spectrum of the pathogenic energies and emit waves that are able to “delete” the negative wave forms of geopathic or electromagnetic stress. Devices that work on other principles have often not the desired effect, in spite of promises and heavy marketing. If a device is in place, the body will be able to regenerate. If appropriate alternative therapies are undertaken, chancen for helbredelse er meget højere end uden disse "energiske korrektioner" i huset.