The Spiritual Aspect of Depression – a Natural, Causative Approach to Healing Depression

The Spiritual Aspect of Depression – an Often Unrecognised Factor in Healing Depression

Half day course on Saturday the 8th of March at THELIFE Centre in Rossinver, Co. Leitrim

We all know that a spiritual or soul aspect is involved in almost all disease to some degree. No obstant això, depression is unique from the point of view that it can be described as a purely spiritual phenomenon. Surely nutrition and the clearance of electromagnetic and geopathic stress factors can assist the healing of depression but to achieve long-term success it seems to be unavoidable to address the spiritual causes which are unfortunately not yet widely known.
Instead of trying to get help from conventional medicine which is purely symptom orientated (in the treatment of depression as with any other “so-called” medical therapies), it may be wise to get a more firm understanding of the causative factors of depression – this may help to chose therapeutic measurements that are purely addressing the causes of the imbalance.

Remember disease is never purely genetic, age-related or just bad fate – it is an imbalance in the life of a person that can always be addressed and corrected (we call this a healing process)

In this ½ day course I explain my insights into the underlying spiritual causes of depression and my practical experience with helping to clear those factors. I will provide information for self-help and healing and information about institutions that can assist. We will briefly talk about the nutritional factor as well.

Further we will briefly discuss the stages of spiritual cleansing of the human soul in the afterlife stages, because understanding this process is a key factor to comprehend those spiritual factors involved.

For more information please refer to my book (or e-book) “Processos de la vida” (


Information about the Course instructor

A native of Germany, He viscut a Irlanda des de 2000 on treball com a Investigador Salut Holística,,en,Feng-Shui i Assessor Nutricional,,en,saurí,,en,Líder de Taller i holística Educador,,en,Vaig començar la meva investigació,,en,que també era un viatge interior,,en,finals dels anys noranta durant un temps vaig treballar per a la televisió alemanya,,en,la secció de Baviera - "BR",,en,Durant aquest període vaig tenir la meva primera visió profunda de la naturalesa de la vida i les causes de la salut i malalties,,en,Aquestes idees eren fonamentalment diferents a les idees convencionals sobre la vida i la salut,,en,Després de la meva trasllat a Irlanda el 2000 vaig continuar la meva pròpia investigació més seriosament,,en,investigar ayurvèdica,,en,tradicional xinesa i la literatura macrobiòtica, així com la literatura naturopàtica tradicional alemanya,,en,La part pràctica de la meva investigació va incloure radioestèsia,,en, Feng-Shui and Nutritional Consultant, Bio-Ressonància Terapeuta, Dowser, Workshop Leader and Holistic Educator.

During the past 15 years I conducted independent research in natural health. En contrari a la medicina convencional, my focus is not the study of diseases but the detailed comprehension of health and the conditions that lead towards health. I came to the insight that incurable diseases do not exist. És el nostre malentès sobre la bioquímica, biophysical and spiritual aspects of the human being that prevent the cure of serious illnesses. One main focus of my work is to unite science and spirituality. Crec que no hi ha ciència real sense la comprensió subjacent dels regnes espirituals,,en,Per a qualsevol dubte o consulta personal em pot contactar a [email protected],,en,El curs comença el diumenge dia 2 de febrer a les 10 del matí i acaba a aprox. & Nbsp; 5,,en,am,,en,El preu del curs és de 65 € per al dia,,en,Per reserva anticipada,,en,fins al dimecres dia 29,,en,r,,en,i pto € 15 de descompte,,en,& Nbsp; Per reservar el curs,,en,si us plau enviar € 15 dipòsit no reemborsable per paypal a,,en,[email protected],,en,o per transferència bancària al meu compte,,en,si us plau correu electrònic per sol·licitar detalls del compte,,en,També pot enviar un xec com a alternativa a Frank Albrecht,,en,carretera Barr,,en,Rossinver,,en,Dipòsit serà reemborsat per descomptat, si el curs ha de ser cancel·lat,,en,& Nbsp; Els espais són limitats en aquest curs,,en,& Nbsp; Si us plau porti vegetariana,,en,orgànic,,en. For more info please go to

For questions or personal consultation I can be contacted on [email protected]

The course starts on Saturday the 8th of March at 2.30 pm and finishes at approx. 5.30 pm.

The course fee is € 30 for the half day. By booking early, until Wednesday the 29th, receive € 5 discount.

To book the course, please send € 10 non-refundable deposit per paypal to “[email protected]” or per bank transfer to my account (please email me to request account details). You can also send a cheque alternatively to Frank Albrecht, Barr road, Rossinver, Co. Leitrim. Deposit will be of course refunded if the course has to be cancelled.

Spaces are limited on this course.